Sea of Thieves
2 mei 2018 - "Sea of Thieves" is something completely new: It's a pirate-themed, open-world action-adventure game that's intended as a means of getting players together to take on pirate quests. It's essentially an open-world adventure game aimed at people who want to play out their pirate fantasies. And who doesn't want to play out their pirate fantasies?
Burnout Paradise Remastered
2 mei 2018 - 10 years after "Burnout Paradise" demonstrated what a car game could be, the crash-filled racing series is back to show up everyone once again. In "Burnout Paradise Remastered," you get the same incredible open-world racing game that impressed critics and fans alike way back in 2008. Better yet: You also get all the additional content that came out after release, and a massive update to the visuals that befit a new game in 2018.
Kirby Star Allies
2 mei 2018 - "Kirby Star Allies" is another fresh take on a classic franchise from Nintendo. The focus here is on co-operative play, with up to four players at a time floating around. The game otherwise features classic "Kirby" gameplay, with relatively simplistic platforming and combat that's focused on Kirby's main ability: Consuming enemies and absorbing their power, like some sort of pink necromancer.
2 mei 2018 - Unbelievably, across decades of game consoles and changing tastes, the "Pac-Man" franchise endures. With the "Championship Edition" spin-offs, "Pac-Man" evolves into something surreal and fantastical. It's "Pac-Man," but on loads of party drugs. From its thumping soundtrack to its extreme visual style, there's a lot to love about the "CE" series. With "Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 Plus," the game is getting more levels than ever, more new game modes than ever, and even a two-player co-op mode. It plays like "Pac-Man," yes, but it's something entirely new.
2 mei 2018 - There've been plenty of opportunities to play the excellent first "Bayonetta" game — it first launched way back in 2009 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It's since made the jump to PC, and Wii U, and now it's coming — along with the excellent sequel, "Bayonetta 2" — to the Nintendo Switch. Better yet: Both games are a precursor to the upcoming "Bayonetta 3," which currently has no release date. The games are a throwback to the "Devil May Cry"/"Ninja Gaiden" era of action games, which focused on lightning-fast reaction and control mastery. The better you took out a bunch of bad guys, the more the game would reward you. Those systems are then surrounded by a delightfully crazy story. In the case of "Bayonetta," she's a super-tall witch with guns in her feet. Okay!
Shadow Of The Colossus
2 mei 2018 - In 2018, the best game from 2005 arrives on the PlayStation 4. It's called "Shadow of the Colossus," and it's getting a gorgeous remake on the PlayStation 4. When the game originally launched on the PlayStation 2 in 2005, it was a revelation for PlayStation 2 owners. Though it may look like a standard video game, "Shadow of the Colossus" is anything but — the diminutive character you see above is who you play as, and he's got an objective: Take down gigantic monsters. But why? And what are these "monsters"? Are they monsters, or is he, for murdering them?
Monster Hunter : World
2 mei 2018 - "Monster Hunter: World" is the latest major entry in the long-running, cult-classic "Monster Hunter" series. If you're wondering what the game is about, look no further than the on-the-nose name: You hunt monsters, repeatedly, in the third-person. This is a game about exploring a massive world and taking down its massive monsters. You can do that alone, or you can do that with up to four friends, but the goal remains the same: Murder monsters, take the loot you get from those monsters, and use it to take down more monsters.
Dragon Ball Fighter Z
2 mei 2018 - If you even remotely care about the "Dragon Ball" universe, you probably already know what "Dragon Ball Fighter Z" is. Even if you don't, you should: It's a gorgeous, unique fighting game that doesn't require a burning passion for anime to enjoy. The game plays out similarly to the "Marvel vs Capcom" franchise, with each player selecting a team of three to fight as. You can switch between that trio during a match — matches play out in 2.5D, where the fight is on a 2D plane but the visuals are in gorgeous 3D. If you're a "Dragon Ball" fan you'll enjoy it more, but this one looks like a delight for anyone who enjoys a good fighting game period.
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